Engaging CQS Support will allow you to have more choice, control and flexibility and management over your Support services

About CQS Support


We have been providing support to the Community sector for over 20 years.


We pride ourselves in listening to our participants and improving their Quality of life... forever.


We are independent and are 100% focused on providing better outcomes.


We provide individuals and their families with impartial support to manage their funding and monitor the engagement of all registered and non-registered providers.


We will create and maintain annual budgets issuing monthly statements and guide you to self-managing you plan in the future.

Business Strategic Plan

We’ll be there throughout your plan to assist you to: 

Develop your goals and plan how to achieve them

Negotiate with service providers on your behalf

Ensure Service Agreements and Service Bookings are developed by providers

Resolve problems or issues that may arise

Complete referrals for services and assist with initial bookings

Prepare for your plan review after 12 months

Assistance with monitoring your budget

Support Coordination


Support Coordination is a support you can get as part of your NDIS plan. It’s designed so people can get the most value out of their funded package. When your first NDIS plan is developed with support coordination included as one of the supports, you’ll be able to work with your chosen Support Coordinator to figure out how your funds will be spent, and to link you in with all of the different service providers that you may need.



Our Support Coordination team is registered to provide all the various types of Support Coordination so we can tailor our support to meet your exact needs.


>    Training in planning (so you can self-manage your NDIS plan)


>    Support connection


>    Coordination of supports


>    Specialist support coordination

Integrated Management Systems
ISO 9001

Plan Management


What does a plan Manager at CQS Support do?


>    We can pay the bills for your support and claim them from the NDIA for you


>    We help you be in control of your spending in monitoring your budget regularly


>    We maintain records of your claims



When your first NDIS plan is developed, you’ll meet your NDIA planner to discuss your current services and support, and figure out what your goals are for the future. Your plan will be built based on your goals and the services and support you require.



Once it’s established, you’ll need to allocate someone (or more than one person) to manage your funding for supports. Basically, the NDIS is the money you get for all the different types of supports that are listed in your plan, and those supports are going to need to be paid at different times. You need to decide who’s going to manage your fund to pay the bills as they come in.



The three options are:


1)    NDIA can do it for you


2)    You can choose someone, like your Mum & Dad or other family members – this is called self management.


3)    You can get a professional, registered plan manager to do it.

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